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Using engagement strategies to convert prospects into loyal clients

In today’s saturated financial planning market, you not only need to grab your prospect’s attention, but nurture them until they say yes… and it doesn’t stop there.

One powerful way to do this is by providing relevant, value-adding content. But you have to use it in a way that inspires a reaction – the reader contacts you for professional advice, or shares the content with their friends and family, throwing your net wider.

New marketing automation tools are radically opening up opportunities to financial advisers to create regular, personalised contact with clients and prospects without placing further demand on internal resources.

There are numerous services available to do this – here are three that make this important task so very easy.

Full newsletter service

E-newsletter management service

A basic subscription to access the library is provided as a do-it-yourself service. If you don't have the time or resources to also manage a regular newsletter using our content, let us do it for you!

We will design an e-news template with your full branding including logo and contact details, upload your database and send your newsletter to your clients and prospects every single month. They will never miss an edition of interesting, relevant and educational material.

Our e-newsletter service provides two options:

  1. You choose the content from our library for each newsletter edition then send it to us for formatting into your branded template, or
  2. Let us choose the content from our library on your behalf to insert into your branded template.

We'll do all the rest! Ask us to send you full details here.

"Financial Writers articulate in an exceptional way, have a great command of the language and offer a wide choice of subjects. I select articles that relate to current news or are subject specific and have them designed for my newsletters in no time at all.

I thoroughly enjoy putting out newsletters with your articles. Great writing style and the time savings of not trying to do it myself is substantial."  Selwyn Favish CFP, Cornerstone Financial Planning

2. Business development service

ACTIVATE is an end-to-end business development solution that combines world-class technology with ongoing human support.

We have teamed up with a very experienced financial consultant and a highly creative digital marketing specialist to deliver cutting-edge marketing automation technology to you.

This complete service is designed to deliver warm leads - names of people who are already interested in your advice - direct to you.

The best part is not that this program is one of the highest ranked in the world - the best part is that it’s fully supported so you hardly have to do a thing!

Find out how to create lists of warm leads using ACTIVATE, here.

Financial e-book

3. Financial E-books

E-books are an excellent tool for lead generation from your website. You can also use them as a gift to thank your clients.

We are developing a series of e-books for you to use. Topics cover all aspects of financial planning.

Book 1: "The 5 Key Components of Financial Independence"
Book 2: "Everything you wanted to know about super"
Book 3: "Planning ahead for aged care" (due March 2018)
Book 4: "Taking control of your financial future" (due April 2018)

The books are provided in Word format so you can change them as you wish to meet your own compliance requirements and personalise each publication with your logo and contact details.

You can choose to join the library and download these publications as they are made available - or you can purchase one or more as needed.

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