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Special Feature Articles

These longer articles are designed to be used as a special newsletter edition that covers just one important topic. They are intentionally more in-depth to demonstrate your expertise in a particular area.


SFA038 Not ready to retire? This might be another option. (655 words)


This article focuses on buying an established business (as opposed to starting one) later in life and provides a no-nonsense list of questions potential/early retirees should address if considering this option. It addresses using superannuation to purchase a business, with a focus on seeking professional guidance throughout the process.

SFA037 Life can change in an instant (1105 words)


This article tells a story that, sadly, is more common for many Australian families than it should be – the long-term after effects of underinsurance. It not only details the financial consequences but the impacts on the health and social welfare of those left behind when the key breadwinner dies. Figures and statistics substantiate this unnecessary pattern.

SFA036 Super in your 50s. It's time to push the pedal down! (669 words)


The last article in the series of super through the generations explains what to do to improve super balances in potentially the last decade before having to rely on it. It covers salary sacrificing, TTR, investment focus and insurance, and a recommendation to seek professional advice soon.

SFA035 Super in your 40s. It's time to get focused. (720 words)


This third article in the 4-part series on superannuation through the generations calculates how much will be needed for retirement in 20 years, how to increase the balance, salary sacrifice vs paying off mortgage, government contributions, and insurance through super.

SFA034 Super in your 30s. It's important to squeeze it in (655 words)


This is the second article in the 4-part series on superannuation through the generations. It covers super for the short and long term, options to increase the balance, how much might be needed to retire on in 30 years’ time and ways to achieve it, and insurance through super.

SFA033 Super in your 20s. Boring? Doesn't have to be! (892 words)


This article is the first of a 4-part series on superannuation through the generations. It explains where super comes from, how it grows, how much might be needed to retire on in 40 years’ time and ways to achieve it.

SFA031 When love blossoms later in life - the financial implications (1110 words)


This article identifies some of the financial issues that your senior-aged clients need to be aware of when starting a new relationship later in life. Adult children may also be affected by their parents’ decisions.

SFA028 Wealth protection through the ages (1294 words)


This detailed article explains how life insurance applies to: young singles, young couples, young families, pre-retirees, and retirees. It explains the different types of insurance, what it covers and each stage includes a story to make it more real. The article can be used in full as a special feature on insurance or broken down into a series of messages on wealth protection.

SFA027 Be different today so you can be different tomorrow (628 words)


This interesting article is focused at Generation X. It talks about working lives/retirement trends throughout the past century and how members of Gen X could break the trend and start getting serious about preparing for life after a final career. It recommends seeking financial advice sooner rather than later.

SFA026 Tap into the amazing power of compounding (633 words)


This is an excellent and detailed explanation of the power of compound interest to boost wealth. It also explains the effect of tax and inflation. The article uses a simple example to outline how compounding works and finishes with a call to action to seek advice.

SFA024 Thinking of living overseas? (636 words)


This article covers the areas that most people don’t consider when deciding to move overseas permanently or for a long period of time. It covers taxation, superannuation, insurance, estate planning, and Centrelink benefits.

SFA023 A guide for planning for aged care (813 words)


The 2015 Intergenerational Report focused on the fact that Australians are living longer and the cost of this aging population is borne by all of us. When the time comes to consider aged care, where do you start, what options do you have and will you be able to afford it? This feature article gives details of what type of care is available, to whom and how much it costs. It encourages your readers to start planning for this final stage of life earlier rather than late.

SFA022 Taking care of business (774 words)


This article highlights some key threats to business that many business owners forget about or don’t get around to addressing adequately – internal fraud, inability to work and disaster management. It touches on insurance cover but focuses on issues that are not normally thought about or dealt with.

SFA020 Living your dream retirement (701 words)


This article looks at how much a client needs to save to live their retirement dream and the importance of getting financial advice to ensure they’re on track. It shows the current age pension rates compared to the income required to achieve a "comfortable" retirement by ASFA standards.

SFA019 Hitting an insurance home run (983 words)


A clever article providing a detailed description of the main forms of insurance – income protection, life, TPD, trauma and general insurance. Insurance inside super is also covered. It uses a baseball analogy to explain the benefits of each. Excellent to use as a special feature on insurance.

SFA017 The business of farming (828 words)


This article discusses the need for Australian primary producers to view their farm as a business, where strategic planning and professional support play crucial parts in building a successful and sustainable business. It recommends relying on a good financial planner.

SFA015 A glimpse of the future (624 words)


This interesting article focuses on the changing population trends across our globe and how they might affect retirement plans. It culminates with some options for your readers depending on their life stage.

SFA012 Superannuation and new cars are very similar! (827 words)


This article uses the analogy of buying a new car to choosing a superannuation fund. It makes this often-confusing decision a lot easier for your clients to understand – and a bit of fun.

SFA011 5 simple techniques to reduce your tax (943 words)


A detailed discussion of strategies including salary packaging, CGT, and deductions that can be used to minimise personal taxation. This can be used as an excellent double-spread feature article.

SFA008 Home is where the heart is - please protect it (1013 words)


This feature article explains the benefits of protecting a home and contents with the appropriate insurance and what type of cover is available. This is a timely topic, particularly when natural disasters have increased premiums to the point that many Australians are reducing or foregoing insurance. It reminds your readers that not insuring or under-insuring their homes could greatly affect their financial plans if their property is damaged or destroyed.

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