Folder Home Loans - General

Home Loans - General

These articles address the various aspects of borrowing to purchase a home or property.


HLG033 The benefits of using a mortgage broker (547 words)

HLG032 A helping hand to step into your first home (574 words)

HLG031 Is paying your mortgage off quicker really the best option? (666 words)

HLG030 Using your equity to build wealth (505 words)

HLG029 Five reasons to refinance your home loan (383 words)

HLG028 Why it just got harder to get a home loan (465 words)

HLG027 What is responsible lending and why does it matter? (505 words)

HLG026 You've paid off your mortgage! Now what? (406 words)

HLG025 Should I pay off my mortgage or contribute to super? (635 words)

HLG024 The super scheme for first home buyers (560 words)

HLG023 What to do if your loan application is rejected (565 words)

HLG022 How to improve your chances of getting a home loan (545 words)

HLG021 Defying mortgage stress (585 words)

HLG020 Offset account vs redraw facility – the tax difference (515 words)

HLG019 Buying your kids a home - good idea or bad? (557 words)

HLG013 Making clever use of offset accounts (501 words)

HLG012 Making your home loan fit you (253 words)

HLG011 Guaranteeing your children a new home (462 words)

HLG007 To renovate or to upgrade - which is best (285 words)

HLG005 How to own your home earlier (329 words)

HLG001 Take control of your mortgage (317 words)

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