In 2012 I was listening to Alan Jones on the car radio while driving to a meeting. As usual he was passionate about his topic and as I listened I could understand why. I was amazed by what I heard.

Alan was talking about a charity set up to help struggling farming families. At that time, the drought had almost encompassed the whole of our huge country but most of the stories about the plights of those most affected by it - our farmers - were not being heard. The stories were heart-breaking.

After listening to Alan interview the founder, Brian Egan, and hearing about the many desperate lives he and his team of volunteers were helping, I had to pull off the road - tears were streaming down my face.

Later that day I phoned my husband and told him this story - he didn't let me finish before he said "let's give them some money". I had already looked at our finances and we both agreed that we could do without a few things to afford a meaningful donation.

Since then we have followed Brian, his wife Nerida and the incredible people who have given of their time, money and equipment to make monumental differences to Australia's farming communities. Sometimes the gifts seemed small but were life-changing to those struggling just to make ends meet.

Fast forward to 2018 and with the drought in many parts of Australia worse than most farmers can remember, perhaps you might want to join with us to make a donation to a worthy cause. There are so many to choose from and every dollar helps. This one is my choice:

Financial Writers Australia will donate $10 per month for six months for every new client that signs up in August. If you haven't joined to use the library yet, this could be the best time ever!