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We wanted to share this great article from the ifa website to assist you to improve your Google presence, attract more visitors to your website and, ultimately, get more leads... Get more clients by befriending Google

Most businesses rely on word of mouth and referrals to grow their business, and financial advisers, mortgage brokers and accountants are no different.

Yet with so many people looking for someone just like you on Google, how are you maximising the chance they find your business?

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Australians are consuming 533% more financial content

Australians are consuming 533% more financial content.

Crazy isn't it?

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Educate through uncertainty: Financial advice in a crisis

The first quarter of 2020 will forever be remembered for delivering one of the greatest health and economic shocks of all time. Never have so many people in so many countries experienced such major upheaval to their daily lives at the one time.

And while the media love to focus on the negativity and fear that abounds (and sometimes this is warranted), there is something extremely important your clients and potential clients need to hear from you now…

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Marketing is EXACTLY the same as investing!

With the current state of the share market due to the Coronavirus pandemic you would probably be reminding your clients that investing is about time IN the market, not TIMING the market - and it's the same with marketing. Are you practising what you're preaching?

Here's how it works...

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5 blog post ideas your clients will LOVE!

Every week or month when it’s time to write your next blog post, do you feel like the blinking cursor on the blank screen is teasing you? “C’mon” it blinks, “start writing! I’m ready!” But your fingers remain as still as your imagination? Don’t worry, we write for a living and we all suffer from writer’s block at some stage. You’re definitely not alone. So we thought we’d share some ideas that might help you get the creative juices flowing.

Here are five ideas to make blogging effortless and that your clients will love!

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3 reasons why content is the most important element of your website

There are so many obstacles you can encounter in the Content Marketing process. For starters, maybe you’re still working on building your army of devoted readers – your clients and potential clients.

Or maybe you don’t know how to get people to visit your website so they can read your well-crafted words on all things financial.

Creating website content is only half of the battle – promoting it needs some serious legwork, as well. 

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Supercharge 2020 in just one step!

Did you know that the third most popular New Year's resolution focuses on money? This is an opportunity not to be missed as you approach the time of year when the majority of people are planning to make big changes.

It will take you just one hour to do this important task before Christmas. Make the most of this opportunity - the result could mean your 2020 starts on a high.

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One simple exercise to help your financial planning business THRIVE!

It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.” - W Edwards Deming 

When this highly honoured statistical consultant uttered those words many decades ago, he probably didn’t intend to sound sarcastic. After all, not everyone wants to change ... and not everyone wants to survive.

If you use this analogy in the context of business, there are so many people whom you would swear aren’t interested in surviving either ... but if you’re reading this, thank goodness you’re not one of them. You don’t just want to survive, you want to THRIVE!

What are you telling the world?

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The REAL meaning of value

1. Why should we pay?

Kate and her husband finally made an appointment to see a financial planner to review their personal insurance cover. Kate has a real phobia about money management believing there will always be enough and the thought of planning for an injury or death in advance horrifies her; hence their delay in getting life cover. Both are aged in their 40s and Kate’s husband, Jake, had an old insurance policy he’d taken out when he was in his late 20s but hadn’t looked at in years. The premiums just disappeared from his account every month. He didn’t even know what the value of the policy was should he die. Sound familiar?

At the end of the meeting with the adviser, Kate and Jake were told that there would be a fee charged to put together a quote for their insurance cover. They were both very shocked. They believed the adviser would get paid via a commission from the insurance provider. Kate was shocked to be quoted over $1400. Jake had abruptly ended the meeting with a “we’ll get back to you” response – obviously with no intention of doing any such thing.

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The best way to get referrals ... is to ask!

Everyone knows that the best way to build your business is via word-of-mouth... clients and contacts referring their colleagues, family and friends to you. It's simple, cost-effective and because these people have already seen your work, they have personal experience of the value you offer.

So how do you get more referrals?  Here are three simple techniques...

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4 ways to keep your clients excited about financial planning

It’s the job of the professional adviser to get their clients excited about investing so they maintain an active interest. This can be relatively easy at the beginning because it’s all new to the client, but what happens as the years pass and your clients start to get ho-hum about their investments?

How do you sustain their interest? And just as importantly, how do you keep them reading the information you send them?

It’s not easy, but it can be done. Here are four tips to help make your communication about market economics, investing, estate planning, and other potentially “dull” topics more interesting…

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Does social media work for financial advisers?

Social MediaSince Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and other modes of social media entered the world’s consciousness we have been watching and waiting to see how these forms of instant communication would benefit our clients. We did the same when electronic newsletters (e-news) became hot in the early 2000s. Having started by offering only printed versions of newsletters 18 years ago we also took the time to determine whether and how electronic delivery would best work for our clients. Over the years clients have asked “what’s best for me” when it comes to choosing the right medium.

This is our response...

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It's all about YOU!

The premise of good financial planning is "know thy client", but what about "know thy planner?". We are amazed to see how many financial planning websites have little or nothing personal about the people offering this important personal service.

When was the last time you had a look at your "About Us" page? What did it say about the human beings behind your business? If it contains just a few feel good lines about how your practice is different but mentions no names or photographs, what type of message are you sending out to the world?

We weren't meaning to write an article about websites but we have just looked up the website of a financial planner we'd heard about. We wanted to learn more about this particular planner, not just his business, so we obviously clicked on the "About Us" tab on his website. And this is what we found out about "Us"...

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