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These articles provide helpful tips and ideas on smarter banking and managing credit cards.


BANK018 Is this the future for banking? (524 words)


Peer to Peer (P2P) lending is becoming far more popular than first thought. This article explains what it is, how it works and its many uses.

BANK017 Virtual currencies - funny money or legal tender? (498 words)


This interesting article explains what virtual currency is, and in particular the most popular, Bitcoin. It explains how it is created, what it is used for, and the pros and cons. Something different to share with your clients.

BANK016 Reclaiming your money from the government (498 words)


This article uses a potentially real story to alert your readers to the fact that ASIC can collect money held in unused bank accounts for the government’s use. It recommends that your readers should consolidate their bank accounts to ensure any “idle cash” is working for them, not the government.

BANK014 Taking your credit card on holiday (367 words)


With identity fraud costing everyday Australians over a billion dollars a year, this article provides a healthy list of tips when it comes to travelling with credit cards. Fraud is a real problem and it’s natural to get complacent so this acts as an excellent reminder for your readers.

BANK013 7 tips to protect your identity (423 words)


This article makes your clients more aware of identity theft with reports showing the astonishing rates of personal fraud. It provides some good tips to help your readers protect themselves from this immense threat.

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