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These articles will assist your clients to understand the importance of budgeting. Articles provide guidelines for setting and managing personal budgets to save money for investing or achieving other financial goals.


BUDG018 Baby budgeting (422 words)


Many articles discuss the costs associated with raising and educating children. This article takes a step further back to address the issue of starting a family, and offers practical suggestions for planning and saving for a baby.

BUDG017 Switch and save (306 words)


With increasing energy bills, Australians are being urged to make changes to their power usage to save money. This short article gives five simple tips (reminders) on the easiest way to cut power costs and diverting that money to more enjoyable pursuits.

BUDG016 4 good places to stash your cash (316 words)


This short article is a good reminder for your clients to not squander any extra cash they have or receive. These 4 quick tips provide a handy filler for your newsletter. For a tax refund focus, use the associated infographic INFOG005 too.

BUDG015 How is your budget - surplus or deficit? (452 words)


This article provides some basic guidelines on monitoring spending and reducing unnecessary expenditure. Very simplistic but sometimes that’s what is needed to get the message across.

BUDG014 Money and relationships (274 words)


This brief article outlines the role of money in close personal relationships. It lists some financial points which should be considered.

BUDG011 Paying for the holiday after the fun is over (464 words)


A good reminder for your clients about using credit cards to pay for holidays. It provides some simple ideas to make sure holiday memories aren’t tainted by the pain of debt.

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