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Property Investment

Covering various aspects of property investment in different forms, and associated topics.


PROP057 Why 'low-interest' is causing high interest in property (567 words)

PROP056 Get the biggest bang from your renovation buck (500 words)

PROP055 The art of downsizing (530 words)

PROP054 Renovating? Be careful not to over-capitalise (519 words)

PROP052 Purchasing a property later in life (521 words)

PROP050 When buying property, don't forget... (471 words)

PROP049 Rentvesting: the not-so-new phenomenon (510 words)

PROP046 The holiday home romance (464 words)

PROP019 Entering the investment property market (459 words)

PROP014 The property v shares debate (405 words)

PROP013 Buying v Renting (554 words)

PROP012 6 tips for investing in property (480 words)


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