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These articles cover topics relevant to your business clients. There are tips on managing small businesses including succession planning, tax management, superannuation, and much more.


SFA032 Employee or contractor? There is a difference. (705 words)


This article explains the differences between employees and contractors and warns your clients that there are strict laws protecting employees against employers who may try to reduce their costs by engaging workers under the wrong employment category. A handy reminder for both employers and employees. Written in the adviser's voice.

BUS032 A guide for selling or closing your business (632 words)


Selling or closing down a business can be a very emotional time. There is an excellent checklist on the ATO website – this article helps to explain some of the more confusing points that need to be addressed whilst selling/closing a business in Australia.

BUS031 Keeping your business safe online (564 words)


This article focuses on business clients who need to be aware of the increasing risk of cyber-crime. It lists the most common dangers to businesses and outlines what should be included in a security policy to manage the threats. It also mentions Cyber Insurance as an adjunct to normal business insurance.

BUS030 What can you tell your employees about super? (488 words)


There is a fine line between what an employer can tell his/her employees about superannuation. This article points out what can and can’t be discussed to help make sure your business clients don’t get themselves into trouble by inadvertently giving advice on super.

BUS029 The latest business model - because sharing is caring (466 words)


This article discusses the latest economy known as the “sharing economy” that is taking the world by storm. It explains how it works and mentions the tax implications and GST requirements. It recommends seeking professional advice to ensure your readers meet the rulings governing this new economy.

BUS028 Want to turn your passion into a business? (525 words)


This article is focused on your small business clients who need finance for a start-up or to fund growth and have heard about “crowdfunding” but don’t really know what’s involved.

BUS027 Getting your bills paid on time (466 words)


This article discusses a growing problem for small business owners – late payments destroying healthy cash flow. It gives three easy solutions to this problem which will help your business clients achieve better results from their creditors.

BUS026 Good records save small businesses (377 words)


This article is aimed at small business owners and illustrates how keeping good tax records can save time and money, and ultimately contribute to the profitability of the business. It outlines the various benefits to small business and reminds your readers that the ATO is not lenient when it comes to mistakes.

BUS021 The unique needs of small business owners (509 words)


This detailed article is excellent for your business clients – it addresses their unique wealth management needs highlighting the importance of insurance, superannuation, succession planning and seeking professional advice.

BUS020 6 ways to protect your business from disaster (417 words)


This helpful article is a reminder for business owners who haven’t created a business disaster recovery plan or reviewed it lately. It outlines some sound guidelines.

BUS019 Make sure your succession is a success (418 words)


This article asks the important questions to start the succession planning process. It highlights the importance of having professional advisers during all stages – before, during and after.

BUS017 Has your business got this covered? (472 words)


A more specific article focused on business owners having a written succession plan to ensure their personal wishes will be met if they die or are incapable of working. It addresses 4 important aspects – structure, agreements, insurances and Powers of Attorney.

BUS014 10 important tips for business owners (363 words)


This is a handy reminder consisting of 10 areas that need regular review when running a successful business.

BUS013 Six steps to protect the future of the family business (357 words)


This article lists and explains six important steps to help ensure the success of family businesses through generations. An excellent reminder for your business clients.

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