Folder Fast Financial Facts

Fast Financial Facts

Short reminders (under 100 words) on financial topics that you can use as fillers for your newsletters, in social media, or at the bottom of your emails.


FFF029 It's to your credit to read the fine print (112 words)

FFF026 Is it time to update your Will? (98 words)

FFF023 More equity = lower rate (100 words)

FFF022 House sharing? Here's a good tip. (95 words)

FFF021 A budget is your guide to success (100 words)

FFF019 MyDeductions app makes tax time easier (99 words)

FFF017 Aged care services fee estimator (92 words)

FFF016 Want to pay 0% interest? Read the fine print. (99 words)

FFF014 Top up your super before June 30! (62 words)

FFF011 Know your limits (98 words)

FFF009 A quick business tax check (86 words)

FFF007 Happiness = income $100 - expenditure $99 (96 words)

FFF006 Giving vs borrowing. Which is best? (98 words)

FFF005 What is your most valuable asset? (99 words)

FFF002 When cash costs more (96 words)


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