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cat infographicsColourful, easy-to-follow infographics to help you deliver interesting facts and figures. Ready for you to use in your social media, websites, emails...


INFOG010 The 4 foundations of successful investing (infographic)


INFOG010 thumbnailThis infographic displays the four foundations or pillars for successful investing .

INFOG009 Demystifying finance (infographic)


INFOG009 thumbnailThis infographic explains 6 commonly used financial definitions.

INFOG007 5 key steps of financial planning (infographic)


INFOG007 thumbnailThis infographic outlines 5 steps of the financial planning process. The intention is to show that financial planning is for everyone.

INFOG006 Five financial tips for "happily ever after" (infographic)


INFOG006 thumbnail

This colourful infographic provides five simple but often forgotten steps for newlyweds to help them achieve their financial goals (not only for newlyweds - any married couple really!).

INFOG005 What will you do with your tax refund? (infographic)


INFOG005 thumbnail

This simple infographic displays the 4 suggestions from BUDG016 "4 places to stash your cash" but with a focus on tax refunds. It can be used together with this article or by itself.

INFOG004 Four ways to manage risk later in life (infographic)


INFOG004 thumbnailThis infographic is focused on over your 50s clients and provides four potential solutions to managing premiums. It recommends professional guidance.

INFOG003 Six investment tips ... from cats (infographic)


INFOG003 thumbnail

This is a graphical representation of the article INVTGEN018. It displays six tips on investing that correlate to the habits of cats. A lighthearted way to deliver a serious topic.

INFOG002 How interest rates can affect house prices (infographic)


INFOG002 thumbnail

This infographic displays how falling interest rates may affect housing prices.

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