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Folder Special Feature Articles

Special Feature Articles

These longer articles are designed to be used as a special newsletter edition that covers just one important topic. They are intentionally more in-depth to demonstrate your expertise in a particular area.

Folder Financial E-books

Financial E-books

E-books are a great tool for lead generation from your website or social media. You can also send them to your clients as a gift. 

The e-books are provided in Word format so you can change them as you wish to meet your own compliance requirements and personalise each publication with your logo and contact details. The e-books also contain licensed images.


Folder Financial Quizzes

Financial Quizzes

Use these financial quizzes as lead generation tools on your website or to connect with your clients to test their financial knowledge.

Beginning with a basic knowledge level, the quizzes become more complex or cover specific topics.

Instructions on how to use the quizzes with Survey Monkey are also provided.


Folder Infographics


Colourful, easy-to-follow infographics to help you deliver interesting facts and figures. Ready for you to use in your social media, on your website, in emails, etc...

Folder Social Cards

Social Cards

These colourful social cards deliver short messages to share via social media, on your website, in emails, etc...

There is space on each card to add your own branding (logo, contact details). If you need help with this, we can do it for you for a small fee. Just ask.

Folder Smart Financial Habits

Smart Financial Habits

This is a series of short articles (approximately 150 words) written to share financial wisdom to help create good financial habits from a young age.

Focused on the Millennial Generation, each article starts with "If I was 25 again, I would..." and is written in the adviser's voice.


Folder Fast Financial Facts

Fast Financial Facts

These articles are short reminders (under 100 words) on financial topics that you can use as fillers for your newsletters, in social media, or at the bottom of your emails.

Folder Banking


These articles provide helpful tips and ideas for smarter banking.

Folder Budgeting


These articles will assist your clients to understand the importance of budgeting. Articles provide guidelines for setting and managing personal budgets to save money for investing or achieving other financial goals.

Folder Business Planning

Business Planning

These articles cover topics relevant to your business clients. There are tips on managing small businesses including succession planning, tax management, superannuation, and much more.

Folder Children & Finance

Children & Finance

These articles cover topics that help your clients manage finances on behalf of their children and also include financial education tips for children.

Folder Debt Management

Debt Management

These articles explain how to manage debt to achieve the best results.

Folder Economy


These articles explain everyday economic principles in simple terms.

Market overviews/updates are not included in the library as they are too time-sensitive.

Folder Employment


These articles address how to financially manage redundancy and other related tips. This category also includes content on new/different career options.

Folder Estate Planning

Estate Planning

These articles cover the range of topics under Estate Planning, a crucial aspect of all financial planning.

There are two sub-categories:

  1. Estate planning - General topics;
  2. Estate planning - Superannuation.

Folder Financial Definitions

Financial Definitions

These articles can be used to help your clients understand popular financial jargon.

Folder Financial Planning

Financial Planning

These articles help to reinforce the principles and importance of sound financial planning for a range of different needs.

Folder Financial Review

Financial Review

These articles highlight the importance of reviewing financial strategies regularly.

Folder Financial Scams

Financial Scams

A host of articles to warn your readers about various types of financial scams.

Folder Generational Planning

Generational Planning

These articles are focused on the different aspects and needs of each generation.

Folder Home Loans

Home Loans

These articles help to explain different points associated with borrowing for home loans and property.

There are two sub-categories:

  1. Home Loans - Interest rates;
  2. Home Loans - General.

Folder Investing


Choose from a wide range of investing topics broken down into the following sub-categories:

  1. Getting started
  2. Asset allocation
  3. Dollar cost averaging
  4. Ethical investing
  5. Investment options
  6. General investment topics

Folder Property Investment

Property Investment

These articles cover various aspects of investing in property in different forms, and associated topics.

Folder Retirement


A host of topics covering important areas of retirement under three sub-categories:

  1. Age Pension
  2. Aged Care
  3. Retirement Planning

Folder Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk management is such a wide topic. Choose from the following sub-categories.

  1. Income Protection
  2. TPD & Trauma
  3. Life Insurance
  4. Key Person Insurance
  5. Personal Insurance
  6. Insurance - General Topics.

Folder Share Investment

Share Investment

A range of articles to educate your clients about share market investment.

Folder Superannuation


A wide range of articles on super under the following sub-categories:

  1. Self-Managed Super
  2. Preservation and Eligibility
  3. Superannuation Strategies
  4. Managing Super
  5. Lost Super
  6. Super Topics - General

Folder Taxation


Taxation is covered under the following categories:

  1. Tax Planning
  2. General Tax Topics



These articles are provided to give your client newsletters some balance - after all financial success isn't just about money.

There are articles on health and fitness; travel; technology; Christmas; yummy recipes; plus general lifestyle topics.


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TAXPL011 End of year tax tips (281 words)

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SUPM026 A lifetime of super - and it's not just about retirement! (481 words)

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LIFE046 Working from home - is it better for your lifestyle? (475 words)

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INVSTR028 Investing 101 (907 words)

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FINP049 8 common financial mistakes people make in their 30s (619 words)

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DEBT042 The link between financial stress and mental health (530 words)

Tagged in Featured

Mental health is an ongoing battle in society with financial stress and mortgage debt major contributing factors to poor mental health. This article lists the signs of financial stress and provides solutions to manage the stress that may stem from debt commitments.

BUDG026 Five financial tips from an older generation (544 words)

Tagged in Featured

BANK020 The growing popularity of neobanks in Australia (501 words)

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